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The study of diagnosis status and, transfer time of stroke patients transferred by pre-hospital emergency medical system (EMS) to Vali-Asr hospital in Arak City (21727 Views)
Analysis and modeling of safety parameters in the selection of optimal routes for emergency evacuation after the earthquake (Case study: 13 Aban neighborhood of Tehran) (20861 Views)
Health Consequences and Management of Explosive Events (19239 Views)
Verification of reported chief complaints about the injuries in Tehran road accidents from pre-hospital emergency, year 2010-2011 (18220 Views)
Health in Disasters Researches Trend in Iran: An Overview of the International Congress on Health and Crisis Management in Disasters (14010 Views)
Health management in past disasters in Iran: A qualitative study (13132 Views)
Investigation of army soldiers readiness about health actions in critical circumstances. Case study: Malek Ashtar Military Garrison’s (13004 Views)
Topics of Disasters in Scientific Outputs of Medical Sciences: A Cross-Sectional Study (10635 Views)
Editorial (10325 Views)
Mental Health Challenges in Immigrant and Refugee Children and Adolescents: A Systematic Review (8766 Views)
Preparedness of Nurses for Crises and Disasters in Imam Khomeini and Social Security Hospitals of Saqqez (8478 Views)
The Effect of Risk Reduction Intervention on Earthquake Disaster Preparedness of the Elderly People (8189 Views)
Shigellosis, Diagnosis, Treatment, and Methods to Deal with It in Disasters (8184 Views)
Letter to Editor: Mortality Trends of Pilgrims in Hajj: An Implication for Establishment of Surveillance System (8098 Views)
Drivers’ Addiction Toward Cell Phone Use While Driving (8041 Views)
Evaluation of Functional Preparedness and Non Structural Safety of Different Health Units of Kermanshah University of Medical Sciences in Coping With Natural Disasters (7623 Views)
Letter to Editor (7603 Views)
Epidemiological Study of Fatal and Nonfatal Road Traffic Accidents and Their Outcomes on Children and Adolescents in Shahroud, Iran (7549 Views)
Hospitals Capability in Response to Disasters Considering Surge Capacity Approach (7469 Views)
Book Abstract: How to Write an Emergency Plan by David Alexander; Reproduced by Permission (7467 Views)
The Resilient Child Indicators in Natural Disasters: A Systematic Review Protocol (7257 Views)
Effects of Comprehensive Risk Management Program on the Preparedness of Rofeide Rehabilitation Hospital in Disasters and Incidents (7144 Views)
Estimating Accident-Related Traumatic Injury Rate by Future Studies Models in Semnan Province, Iran (6969 Views)
Psychosocial Rehabilitation: Some Lessons Learned From Natural Disaster in Iran (6915 Views)
Investigation of the Psychosocial Factors Affecting High Risk Driving Behaviors in Adolescents in the City of Tehran, 2014 (6903 Views)
Study on the Awareness of the Students of Azad University of Medical Sciences About Nutrition and Food Storing Stuff During Crisis (6868 Views)
The Relationship Between Quality of Work Life and Organizational Commitment of Iranian Emergency Nurses (6769 Views)
Community Mental Health Preparedness in Disasters: A Qualitative Content Analysis in an Iranian Context (6719 Views)
Women’s Participation in Natural Disasters and Accidents: A Case Study of Bam Earthquake, Iran (6706 Views)
Letter to Editor: Climate Change and Waterborne Diseases (6667 Views)
The Social Vulnerability of Older People to Natural Disasters: An Integrative Review (6580 Views)
Kermanshah Health Care Services: A Lesson Learned From Iran’s Recent Earthquake (6573 Views)
Natural Disasters in the Middle-East and North Africa With a Focus on Iran: 1900 to 2015 (6541 Views)
Psychometric Properties of the Persian Version of Readiness for Events With Psychological Emergencies Assessment Tool (6410 Views)
Driver’s Effective Factors in Traffic Accident: A Sequential Explanatory Mixed Methods (6408 Views)
Review Paper: Indicators of Life Recovery after Disasters and Emergencies (6399 Views)
A Comparative Study of Prehospital Emergency Services Over the Urban and Road Areas in Hamedan Province (6384 Views)
Experiences of Encountering Physical Trauma Caused by Traffic Accidents: A Qualitative Study (6289 Views)
Relationship Between Self-Management Strategy and Self-Efficacy Among Staff of Ardabil Disaster and Emergency Medical Management Centers (6131 Views)
Knowledge and Attitudes of Students in Khalkhal Medical Sciences Faculty on Health Actions in Emergencies (6126 Views)
Collaboration of Patients With Mobility Disabilities in Caring: Conceptual Analysis (6119 Views)
Community-Based Management Challenges in Disaster Risk Reduction: A Content Analysis in Iran (6117 Views)
Comparing the Effect of the Two Educational Methods: Competency-Based, and Lecture, on the Knowledge and Performance of Nurses in the Field of Hospital Triage (6115 Views)
The Effect of Educating Confronting Accidents and Disasters on the Improvement of Nurses’ Professional Competence in Response to the Crisis (6093 Views)
Comprehensive Assessment and Zonation of Drought Risk and Vulnerability in Kerman Province (6082 Views)
Evaluating the Disaster Triage Knowledge of Nurses Personnel in Public Hospitals of Ilam (6063 Views)
Assessment of Stroke Patients’ Status and Their Transfer Time by Emergency Medical Services to Valiasr Hospital in Arak City, Iran (6050 Views)
Associating Factors With Public Preparedness Behavior Against Earthquake: A Review of Iranian Research Literature (5988 Views)
Health Services Vulnerability During the Ebola Outbreak: A Qualitative Report (5955 Views)
Effect of Stress Management Training Based on PRECEDE Model on Prehospital Emergency Staff Occupational Tension in Mazandaran University of Medical Sciences in 2016 (5945 Views)
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