Call for Paper: Special Issue on Covid-19 Pandemic

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Call For Paper
COVID-19 has spread faster that any held possible, from visitors of a market in a city of China to more than a million cases all over the world with unbelievable mortality in almost four months ( on 2020/04/09). Several strategies have been designed to confront the extreme pressure on the healthcare system and professionals because of the uncertainty in validity of diagnostic tests and the efficacy of suggested treatments, limited number of intensive care units, lack or shortage of the necessary preventive and therapeutic medication, material and equipment, the unexpected community responses to the governmental regulations and socioeconomic instabilities. The regulatory policies varied across the countries from total lock down and severe social distancing under military control to doing actually nothing special to stop the ongoing contamination. This turns the Coronavirus Pandemic to the biggest worldwide crisis in 21st century dealing with serious disastrous consequences derived from social, political and economical collapses in the involved countries.
Health in Emergencies and Disasters Quarterly calls for papers intending to collect both the empirical and theoretical studies with any health- related and/or multidisciplinary perspective on key issues about the latest information, impacts, the approved diagnostic, Managerial and adaptive strategies and so on in a special Issue. We aim to inform the stakeholders and policy makers to help them find how to overcome efficiently in general and promote the public resilience against the pandemic. 

Topics of interest could include, but are not limited to:
•Health care providers as high risk respondents
•Resilience against corona crisis
•Increasing inequalities in the impact of the disease
•Lock down, quarantine and social distancing  outcomes
•parenting under 'lock down‘
•Social bonding challenges
•Individual and social consequences of fear
•Fear of Death, losing a loved one
•Health promotion while quarantined and Public health consequences
•High risk groups
•communication and wellbeing under social distancing and Lockdown conditions
•treating older people as one of the most high risk groups
•Informal caregiving,
•Dealing with dead bodies
Please send your manuscripts through our online submission until 15th August 2020, if you are interested. The special Issue is scheduled to be published by October 2020.
Our editorial team will invite the authors of the eight most promising full paper submissions.
Paper submission:
Submitted manuscripts should be original work of the researchers, not previously published, on any health-related aspects of the COVID-19 outbreak, encouraging a novel and integrated approach. The papers may include all the methodological contributions adhered to the journal’s guidelines.

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